Targeted at 5~8 years old kids and featured of boy action and sci-fi, Metalions has shown more than 44 places of interests and introduced 35 countries. In the adventure journey, the heroes explore around the world in search of the sustainable energy. With help of smart mech-beasts, they defend Earth against the Dark Power.


Age: 8 years old

Introduction: Main character. Full of curiosity and courage. He has a great sense of direction.


Age: 16 years old

Introduction: A songwriter who has many whimsical ideas. She is the decision maker when the team is out on mission.


Age: 28 years old

Introduction: Team leader. He is mainly dealing with the scientific research on earth. He has a rough outlook but a delicate heart. In addition, he is good at various skills such as cooking, sewing, etc.


Age: 12 years old

Introduction: He is calm and always hits the nail on the head.


Age: 8 years old

Introduction: A trouble maker who has no common sense but dreams to be a comedian.


Age: 8 years old

Introduction: He seems to be cool about everything, but actually he is always calm and has a logical mind. He was the partner of Elon’s grandfather, however, he was changed into a child due to the crystal power and he lost memory.

TV Series



科技小能手乐宝和环保小组,为了探寻地球可持续新能源探索世界古迹,从中遇到暗黑势力不轨阴谋争夺核晶能量,幸而乐宝得到远古智能机甲神兽帮忙,共同守卫地球能源让地球重获生机 ...