Targeted at 5~8 years old kids and featured of boy action and sci-fi, Metalions has shown more than 44 places of interests and introduced 35 countries. In the adventure journey, the heroes explore around the world in search of the sustainable energy. With help of smart mech-beasts, they defend Earth against the Dark Power.


Feature: a mango-flavored gummy candy with a cherry on head

Occupation: the chef in Bao House

Personality: crazy and funny

Favorite: mango, mango, mango.


Feature: Orangeflavored jelly

Marshyo’s friend. He loves eating so much.


Feature: a grape flavored bubble gum

He will turn into a big bubble when he gets angry. And he adores Choco.


Feature: black chocolate

Boss of Bao House, she will melt in hot days, and she enjoys dressing up.


Feature: Strawberry-flavored marshmallow

who easily gets blown by wind. She visits Bao House frequently.

Name:Uncle Twinkie

Feature: a sandwich biscuit

He has a nice temper and is knowledgeable.


Feature: a sunflower seed

A cunning merchant who tries to ruin the business of Bao House.

TV Series

Crazy Candies Season 1

Released Year:2013
Runtime:52eps X 10mins

Dream is the source of power. It inspires people with their vision of a beautiful and bright future, which is the most wonderful aspect in our life. In the mist of the ordinary life in Magi…

Crazy Candies Season 2

Released Year:2015
Runtime:52eps X 10mins

Everyone has a dream, so do candies! In order to be the greatest dumpling chef, Marshyo keeps his job in the most famous Bao House-Candy Jar. However, the dream of Marshyo is doomed to frus…

Crazy Candies Season 3

Released Year:2017
Runtime:52eps X 7mins

Marshyo works hard in the famous Bao House and enjoys his happy life with his friends in Candy Jar. One day, the owner of Bao House’s rival, Mr.Seed finds a secret map indicating that ther…

Crazy Candies Season 4

Released Year:2018
Runtime:30eps X 7mins

To seize the treasure, Mr.Seed makes various plans but fails over and over again in because of Marshyo and Jackey. On the way of seeking the treasures, Mr.Seed and Marshyo bump into each ot…
Live Shows

Crazy Candies: Sweet Battle


During a grand Candy Carnival, all candies are dancing and singing happily. Just at that time, the green pepper Wula Wula appears and absorbs their sweet taste by magic. In order to get back their sweet taste, the candies get together to start an adventure journey.

Crazy Candies: Sweet Battle