Whenever the children have problems, the school bus-Gordon will transform into different vehicles such as fireman, ambulance, police, air craft and salvage to help them. Meanwhile, he guides children to understand themselves and open their mind. Moreover, it leads the children to explore a meaningful life, help them focus on the task at hand and learn to manage the emotions that are bothering them.


Guardian, Little Hero

Artificial Intelligence School Bus: Fireman, Ambulance, Police, Air craft and Salvage

He serves the Sunshine Forest Kindergarten and gets along with kids as an elder brother.

Name:Miss Sandy

Cheerful, Warm-hearted

She always tells Gordon: “We tend to underestimate the children. No matter what happen, they will always come up with a lot of solutions.”


Brave, Competitive, Curious, Imaginative

When he is thinking the problems, he will imitate his father's way of arranging the bow tie. He loves cars and what he loves most is Gordon. 


Bobby (Boy) 5 years old

Self-righteous, Bully

Doby's classmate. He loves to play pranks. And he makes up a team with Kyle, named “Team Dino”.



Doby's classmate. He loves to play pranks. He always follows Bobby, just like a hanger-on.


Shy, Lack of confidence, Anxiety

He wants to get noticed and break through himself. And he always tries something risky to prove himself.


Super scholar, Rational

Doby's classmate. She wears glasses. Because she has many extracurricular classes, she always looks tired.


Little princess, arrogant, capricious

Disy's classmate. She doesn't like to do things by herself and loves to ask her brother Kyle for help.


Foodie, Timid

Doby's classmate. He always speaks with a lisp. He loves to play with Doby. And he is often bullied by Bobby and Kyle. 


Brave, Clever, Kind-hearted

She is more mature than the peers. When her brother Doby acts on impulse, she will remind him.

She is fond of small animals.

TV Series


Format: 3D CG / TV animation / 1920*1080p          

Duration: 156 x 13'

Duration: 156 x 13Target Audiences: Children of 2-5 years oldKeywords: Social Emotion Learning, Safety Cognition


Format: 3D/ TV Animation/ 4K       

Duration: 104x15' (Temporary Developing)

Duration: 104x15 (Temporary Developing)Target Audiences: Children of 3-6 years oldType: Animation / Preschool