Winsing’s New Toys Online Launch

source:Winsing 2020-05-11

On May 7, Winsing Animation held 2020 New Products Release Conference in the live streaming room of Tmall flagship store of GG Bond. The theme of the conference is Innovation lightens your life.

Under the impact of the Corona Virus, Winsing took its first time to release the new toy products online through live streaming, bringing the toys to the audiences in a creative and convenient way.

During the conference, a wide range of new products are introduced to guests, including GG Bond (invented according to the hit series GG Bond: Racing, the 16th new series and its spin-off Dino Diary) and GOGOBUS. Besides highly maintaining the appearance of the characters in animation, the new released toy suits also innovatively strengthen the interactive experience.



GG Bond Season 16:

图2 _22.jpg

GG Bond: Dino Diary


GG Bond Season 15: Racing


As the new series, the 16th series of GG Bond happens under the water and returns to the subject of “Heroism”. In the new season of Dino Diary, some amazing dinosaurs join in GG Bond's team to save other missing dinosaurs. Moreover, it has upgraded scientific knowledge and added the selection form in the animation to enhance the audience's sense of participation. These two series will meet audiences in this June. Moreover, Winsing will release a brand new programme - Team STEAM! This series is made up of six amazing kids who each use upon a different STEAM-based area of expertise to solve the problems they face. Team Steam combines theory with practice, aiming at arousing children’s interest in the scientific field, improving their innovative ability, and encouraging them to solve problems by themselves.

Facing with current economic environment, Winsing Animation actively adapts itself to the market changes while launching new products and releasing new series, so as to better meet the audience needs.