Winsing Animation Cooperates with Trans7 and Tooniverse in its Brand New IP “GOGOBUS”

source:Winsing 2020-04-16

GOGOBUS is a new developing animated property of Winsing, which is an edutainment program  based on Social & Emotional and STEM Learning. The whole story is led by an AI School Bus who can transform into several different vehicles to protect the children’s safety. 156Eps * 13 mins have been released since 2019, and the total clicks on major VOD platforms have been exceeded 600 million. What’s more, its toys series have been the best seller in China.


2020, GOGOBUS starts its trip around the world. The first station is North America; and then GOGO BUS comes to its second stop Indonesia. It has been airing on Trans7 two episodes a day since March 13th, and it gets very positive feedback from the audiences in the territories.


This April, GOGOBUS arrives at its third stop South Korea. It is airing on Tooniverse (the most influential children's channel in South Korea) at 8:30am from April 15. Moreover, GOGOBUS will also be broadcasting on Daewon, Daegyo and Animax later.

With the GOGOBUS driving on TV, the toys of GOGOBUS series is going to meet the kids in South Korea this May and in Indonesia this July.


In the future, GOGOBUS will get to more destinations around the world. The next station will be Malaysia and Taiwan territories. Winsing is always expanding its efforts in the distribution space and actively seeking for opportunities to collaborate with international partners.