Lion Dance - The Best Short Film Winner at the 7th Darbhanga International Film Festival 2020

source:Winsing 2020-03-24

Lion Dance, created by Winsing, stood out among the films from more than 90 countries and regions and won the best short film at the 7th Darbhanga International Film Festival 2020. It is the first Chinese film winner awarded by this film festival.


As a leading 3D animation company, Winsing has successfully created several famous original properties, such as GG Bond, Crazy Candies, GOGOBUS, etc. After that, Winsing has built “Iron Fan Studio”, a high-level CG animation technical team gathering the most talents from home and abroad, which aims to create the top CG animation technical team in China. It works on providing services for the entire industry and undertaking high-end film production, special effects, VR, AR and other film production business.

Lion Dance is a teenage-targeted short film telling a story about adventure, growth, fantasy, and action. It introduces that a forgotten and washed-out dancing star lion is sparing no effort to return to the public eye. The stranded lion unintentionally attends a lion dance performance at the Chinese New Year Temple Fair in Chinatown and achieves huge success, which reminds the lion of its glory days. Then, it joins the lion dance team in excitement and learns from the Panda Master --- dreaming of a career rejuvenation, but only to realize that lion dancing is unheeded and disliked except during traditional holidays. Lion dancing is an abandoned culture. Chinatown will be pulled down to make room for an international city lay-out, forcing the lion dance team to disband. The lion returns to the lion mountain in loneliness, but with its passion for lion dance. In order to save this culture, it comes up a crazy idea of combing the lion dance and normal choreography, and returns to the city...


This short film has received several international positive recognition. In 2019, Lion Dance got nominated at 2019 San Diego International Kids' Film Festival, which was the only one animated short film from China among the 65 selected films. Whats more, it is also shortlisted in Central Michigan International Film Festival 2020 and VEGAS CINEFEST International Film Festival 2020.

In order to seek out more outstanding animation talents and original works at home and abroad, Winsing continuously invests more to boost the excellent projects, which give chance to those creative ideas to grow. To begin with developing the good story to the short film, Winsing will try his best to develop the most potential ones into the best theatrical films.

As the first outcome of Winsings Director Support Program, Lion Dance accomplish its director Zhong Yus always desire to use his expertises to tell and develop a story with great Contonese features in his animation career. Lion Dance is exactly what he wants to show to the audience in his own way. With more and more international affirmations, this short film brings more confidence to the studio and encourages the talents to be more motivated to explore different types of stories and try more brand new things in the content area.


Traditional Chinese culture is the fundamental creativity of its civilization. Winsing always endeavors to tell the Chinese Stories to the world and carries forward the traditional culture. Therefore, the animation works coming from the "Winsings Director Support Program are mainly based on traditional Chinese culture at present. It is believed that Winsing will deliver good traditional culture to more audiences home and abroad with more new and advanced technologies, ideas and themes in the future.