Winisng Devotes Itself to Public Welfare Activities

source:Winsing 2020-02-27

At present, many countries around the world are engaged in fighting Novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19). More and more enterprises get actively involved in this fight and undertake their social responsibility. As a leading animated enterprise, Winsing Animation also takes the responsibility actively and has launched an activity themed as “Fighting COVID-19 with love” on 9th February. In this activity, Winsing provides a free gift to the kids of medical staff in the front line for expressing our thanks to them and their families

11.jpgThis public welfare activity has got support from Guangzhou Federation of Social Organizations, Guangzhou Animation & Cartoon Association, Guangdong Toy Association and other associations. Furthermore, it not only has received a lot of praise on the social media, but also gets support and affirmation from many social sectors.


After collecting the information of medical staff, some gifts have been delivered to their home.


This activity will last to 20th, March. We believe that we can fight against COVID-19 successfully after our joint efforts.