Winsing Resorts won three awards in its Culture & Tourism industry

source:Winsing 2019-12-16

On 5th December, 2019 Entertainment Industry Development Summit and Asia Attractions · Gold Crown has been held successfully in Guangzhou. Asia Attractions announced that the themed park of GG Bond - Party Map was awarded as “2019 Most Popular Tourism Parks Award” and “2019 Chinese Outstanding Family Entertainment Center”. Moreover, GG Bond won “2019 Chinese Best IP Award”.


Gold Crown is a widely recognized award in the theme park industry in China. This year, more than 340 enterprises participated in the competition. Winsing Resorts was emerged as the most popular theme park in the Culture & Tourism industry and won the awards.


From 2014, Winsing has devoted to develop the Culture & Tourism industry with the original IP as the core. Nowadays, with its strong IP influence and great fans base, Winsing has built 6 theme parks around the country, they are based in Beijing, Guangzhou, Taizhou, changchun, Luzhou, etc.

GG Bond theme park creates games, situation simulation, role-playing, growth courses, physical fitness, intellectual development, and personality shaping. By combining education and catering together, Winsing's theme parks enable children to gain knowledges through different interactive games, and thus create the most enjoyable growth model for them. Winsing is committed to creating a high-level parent-child leisure space in China, with the goal to provide a colorful animation world filled with happiness for all families.

Moreover, the Museum of Winsing Animation will also meet you soon.