Everyone’s favourite super red pig is back!

source:Winsing 2019-11-05

Winsing, a Top Three Chinese animation company for over 15 years, has announced the long-awaited arrival of GG Bond series 15.

The new series – called GG Bond: Racing – has been broadcasting in China since 25 October on various TV stations, including AniworldTV and dedicated cartoon channels JiajiaCartoon and Kaku, as well as on a number of network platforms, including Tencent, YOUKU, MANGOTV and IQIYI.

The new series, like its predecessors, has already posted very strong audience ratings.

In GG Bond: Racing, GG Bond, a Star Agent from the Interstellar Alliance, is separated from his teammates and finds himself in an unfamiliar part of the universe. Before he can rejoin his fellow agents and find a way back home, he has to take part in speed races. Will he find his teammates? Can he beat the other racers? How will he get home? Find out as the superhero begins a whole new interstellar speed racing adventure!

GG Bond is a thrilling and funny show for 4-to-8-year-olds in which the hero, a superpowered piglet, fights numerous threats with the help of his friends, not to mention courage, enthusiasm, humour, hope, and a strong sense of justice.

Fifteen GG Bond series and five films have already been viewed by millions of children in China. Series 16 is now in the planning stages. This year has also seen GG Bond enter overseas markets, including Malaysia, Thailand and India. An English-language version – Kung Fu Pork Choppers – is on the way.

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