GG Bond looks to new markets as hit property turns 14 in China

source:Winsing 2019-10-18

GG Bond, the superhero piglet created by leading Chinese animation company Winsing, is celebrating his 14th birthday with continuing success in his home market and growing interest in overseas markets.

GG Bond has been so popular in China that his adventures now make up over 10,000 minutes of film and TV – half the output of the Winsing library – and appear on more than 15 TV channels every day. As well as 14 series, five films (and more to come), along with audience figures of over 150 million, there’s an enormously popular and award-winning live show, dedicated theme park areas, and a massive licensing campaign. A new series of GG Bond toys has been premiered at special events in Guangdong in September and Hong Kong in October.

And now he’s coming to overseas markets. GG Bond: Lollipop in Fantasy, the fifth movie starring the superhero piglet and his buddies, is available in Malaysia on the on-demand channel Astro First. English-speaking markets will soon be hearing about GG Bond as he stars in the English-language adaptation Kung Fu Pork Choppers.

GG Bond is a thrilling and funny show for 4-to-8-year-olds in which the hero, a superpowered piglet, fights numerous threats to his world with the help of his friends, not to mention courage, enthusiasm, humour, hope, a positive outlook and a strong sense of justice. A highly successful licensing campaign in China has already underlined the brand’s potential in toys, snacks, houseware, daily use commodities, games and children’s books.

Echo Gu, Vice President of Winsing Animation, says: “GG Bond has already enjoyed 14 years as one of the top animated characters in China. He’s now attracting strong interest in overseas markets. This funny, exciting and inventive show is ready to go to the next level in broadcast and licensing markets worldwide.”