Winsing announces arrival of GOGO Bus Season three and four in China

source:Winsing 2019-09-29

Winsing, a leading Chinese animation company for over 15 years, has announced the arrival of the third (26 x 13') and fourth (26 x 13’') seasons of GOGO Bus in mainland China. The 3D CG / TV animation, whose first series launched in July this year, is now an established favourite with a strong showing on most viewer ratings for its first two series.

The new series begins broadcasting on Aniworld TV and Jiajia Cartoon on 30 September 2019, and on KAKU Children’s Channel and TOONMAX TV from the middle of October. Season 3  will also be shown from 1 October, while season 4 from 12 October on a number of new media platforms, including IQIYI, YOUKU, Tencent and Mango TV.

The stories of season 3 & 4 continue the adventures of the children in a beautiful coastal town learning and playing in Sunshine Forest Kindergarten. To keep the children safe, the kindergarten owner builds the world's first artificial intelligence school bus. The name of the bus is Gordon. Whenever the children have problems, Gordon transforms into different vehicles – such as fire engine, ambulance, police car, aircraft or salvage vehicle – to help them.

A new approach to edutainment, combining social emotional learning (SEL) and some lovable supporting characters with an exciting central character, the show has already been a big hit in its domestic market, with a large audience eagerly awaiting the two new series.

Echo Gu, Vice President of Winsing Animation, says: “GOGO Bus combines learning and fun in a new and appealing way that has helped it to build a strong audience in a very short time. We are looking forward to a very positive response to the new series from the growing fanbase of GOGO Bus.”