Winsing unveils new licensed toy lines for GG Bond and GOGO Bus

source:Winsing 2019-09-25

Winsing, a leading Chinese animation company for over 15 years, has announced the launch of a number of licensed toys related to its hit show GG Bond and its successful new property GOGO Bus at a major event for Chinese retailers and toy manufacturers where the theme is Innovation Changes the Future.


The 2019 Winsing Animation New Products Release Conference takes place from 24-26 September in Foshan, Guangdong Province, where senior Winsing executives introduce an expectant audience to the new toys inspired by the established hit GG Bond, whose 15th series is now in production, and GOGO Bus, as its third series arrives across China.

In the conference, a wide range of new products are introduced to guests who include the President of Guangdong Toy Association and hundreds of Toys distributors, wholesalers and Licensees from different cities attend this event. The new products included:

The response to the new lines was highly positive.

Apart from that, there was also a start-up ceremony for the new series of GOGO Bus & Team Steam and an overview of ecological product releases from Winsing.


Conan Chen, General Manager of Winsing Animation, says: Winsing is going to expand its Toys, Merchandising & Licensing Products line and build up the Winsings Merchandising Eco System.

At present, GG Bond and GOGO Bus are already well established its brand in China, especially in the toy category, and have inspired a number of popular lines, but, as the theme of this event indicates, we always continue innovating and encourage licensees to do so too. We are confident that these new ranges will be welcomed both by distributors and the millions of young fans of both GG Bond and GOGO Bus.