GG Bond 5th Movie Coming Up to Vietnam

source:Winsing 2019-08-26

The 5th feature film ‘Loli Pop in Fantasy’ from GG Bond series - one of most popular titles in China, has released on July in its hometown. Now holding hands with Mango Films, the adventure of hero piggy is going to launch in Vietnam by August 30th .

The story tells about Genie, a big fan of anime who accidentally pops into a fantasy world, where she meets her childhood hero - GG Bond. However, the fantasy world is vanishing and Genie must find her way back to the reality world. An intriguing adventure thus begins. Winsing hopes the film will bring a message that everyone should hold on their pursue to dreams and belief.

Over the years since 2005, the series has set up the GG Bonds image as a great hero. The character is well-beloved by children and their families in China. The series first launched in Vietnam by 2012 and has received great popularity since then, along with the toys and L&M business are boosting as well.

Among Mangos other recent releases are Shadow by Yimou Zhang, The Island by Bo Huang, Cats and Peachtopia by Wei Wang. The distributor is shooting for becoming the exclusive distributor for Chinese films in Vietnam.