source:WINSING 2018-10-29

Winsing company showcased GG Bond along with several own IPs at MIPCOM, an international TV events which ran in Cannes, France from October 15-18.


During the event, Winsing negotiated with many overseas company to make cooperation on new programmes and formats for international distribution. Prior to MIPCOM, Winsing also attended MIPJunior, the spin-off event devoted exclusively to the children's television industry.


This year China was named the 2018 Country of Honor, with more than 110 companies and close to 200 delegates from China as well as the largest-ever China Pavilion. It comes as China recently became the second largest television market in the world, overtaking the UK, behind the U.S.A.


“China has now emerged as a major producer and consumer of film and television. We have confidence and the capacity to play the leading role at Mipcom, present to the world great Chinese stories and work with our colleagues around the globe to usher in a better future,” said Mrs. Ma Li, Director General of the International Cooperation Department of the National Radio and Television Administration, People’s Republic of China.