source:WINSING 2017-10-18

Action Comedy GG Bond (to be renamed Kung Fu Pork ChoppersTM) has generated hundreds of millions of revenue in China.


WINSING COMPANY LIMITED has just signed a multiple-season deal with CraneKahn LLC to rollout their top boys-action series and LIMA Award winner for Best Asian Licensing Property, GG Bond, to the Western Market.


Founded in 1986, Winsing Company Ltd. has been specializing in 3D animation production and distribution for decades. To date, Winsing has successfully built a rich library with more than 1,000 x 1/2 hrs of original works which have won numerous awards both in China and abroad, including the 2014 LIMA Award for Best Asian Licensing Property for GG Bond. As one of the most promising animation groups in China, Winsing is developing its business line into films, TV series, live shows, indoor theme parks and merchandising products.

CraneKahn LLC is an international children's entertainment and licensing company that will focus on products and experiences in the new economy. Kahn has been responsible for many of the biggest hits in licensing including Cabbage Patch Kids, Pokémon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Yu-Gi-Oh! He is also credited for the marketing and licensing programs for other iconic brands such as Nintendo, Mario Bros, Zelda, Donkey Kong, James Bond, World Wrestling Federation, WCW, Monster Jam Monster Trucks, Xbox, and Polly Pocket. Kahn’s products have grossed over $20 billion in sales.

In June 2005, Kahn was inducted into the International Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association (LIMA) Murray Altschuler Licensing Hall of Fame.  That very same year, Kahn was also inducted into the Kidscreen Hall of Fame.

In a move similar to Kahn’s legendary global rollouts of Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Mario Brothers and other mega-brand Asian properties during his years as CEO of 4Kids Entertainment, CraneKahn will manage TV, digital media, and Merchandise & Licensing rights worldwide excluding Asia.  In addition to creating an English version of the series, CraneKahn will create a completely new adaptation of the series for western audiences, and will rename the series Kung Fu Pork ChoppersTM. 

As the leading merchandise sales generator for Winsing for the last five years, GG Bond is seen on more than 150 TV channels and 8 major VOD platforms around China; over 160 million children watch it on CCTV and other major TV channels every year. Ratings show it is consistently in the top 3 animated series for its age group on CCTV, with the total digital/online views exceeding 20 billion.

Kung Fu Pork ChoppersTM is geared to a younger audience, 4-8 yrs, with non-stop action in a crazy universe filled with colorful characters and mind-boggling, fun-filled adventures. Our team of five young superhero pigs (yes, pigs!) are teamed with super-powered pets that transform from the cutest creatures ever into mega-sized fighting machines with ultra-animal attributes.The Kung Fu Pork ChoppersTM travel through space and time-- and even to other dimensions—all in their quest to right wrongs, keep the peace and defeat evil everywhere.   Unless, of course, they screw things up even more than they were.  Which has been known to happen… like maybe a gazillion times! 

Al Kahn, CEO of CraneKahn said, “Kung Fu Pork ChoppersTM illustrates the great work being done in China in kids entertainment. This property is original, imaginative, and funny and I know it will entertain children all over the world. We see great potential for this property to replicate its success in China and become a truly global brand.” 

Ben Gu, CEO of Winsing Animation added “We are thrilled to bring our top Chinese animated series to children around the world through CraneKahn.  Al Kahn’s record for spotting global hits from Asia is unmatched, and GG Bond’s proven success in China, along with its comedic adventure style, provides a winning combination.”

Completion of the English adaptation of the series is scheduled for June of 2018.