Guangdong Animation Becomes the lead nationwide.Winsing won the Animation Film & TV Excellence Award

source:WINSING 2015-12-08

The 2015 Guangdong Animation Annual Conference took place in Guangzhou on December 8th, organized by Guangdong Animation&Comic Industry Associationon. More than 200 representatives of Guangdong well-known animation enterprises, such as Winsing, Alpha, Fantawild, joined the conference. It was the largest scale assembly of Guangdong, and even of the China animation industry this year. In the conference, companies and works were highly commended for achieving outstanding performance. Winsing Animation was awarded the prize of Animation Excellent Performance for its contribution to animation industry with the star IP GG Bond.


This annual conference of Guangdong animation industry received huge attention and attracted numerous animation companies and VCs both from home and abroad. They unanimously agreed that Guangdong Had undoubtedly become the the biggest industrial base of national and original IP animation in China. With the leading of Guangdong, Chinese animation was stepping into its another booming era.