GG Bond New Toys Release

source:WINSING 2016-04-07

On April 7th, Winsing Animation hosted a release conference in Guangzhou, introducing  the new program GG Bond 11-The Light Guardians and presenting a number of  fancy toy for the guests.  Nearly 300 franchisers attended the conference.


Xu Yuehuang,  the general manager of  Winsing Industry Center, had  confidence in prospects for sales of these new products, for that their outlooks and functions achieved a great breakthrough. Moreover, AR was introduced into the upcoming GG Bond mobile game in its development and production.


GG Bond toys were always well received in the markets. In 2014, sales of the essential product-- G-Watch reached 3 million sets after its launch, and was even sold out once. In merely one year, sales went beyond 60 million RMB and continued  to increase. From 2015 October to now, toy sales of GG Bond-The Legend of Warriors has achieved 90 million RMB, remaining at the top among its counterparts.