GG Bond Theme Park Had Its Grand Opening In Yiyang, Hu’nan

source:WINSING 2016-07-16

On 16th July, 2016, Party Map GG Bond Theme Park had its grand opening in Yiyang City, thousands of families witnessed this exciting moment. The atmosphere reached the peak as the opening ceremony began with a youthful children dance. Soon afterwards, the president Fang Pei and other directors from the organizer Hunan Yichuang Media Company Ltd., delivered the opening speech.



GG Bond Theme Park in Hunan Yiyang covers 12,000 square meters. It is divided in five theme zones: GG Bond Square, GG Bond Folk Culture Town, GG Bond Playground, GG Bond Stage, GG Bond Carnival Island; with 10 supporting services as Theme Restaurant, 8D Cinema, recording studio, radio studio, book bar, cafe bar, gift shop, children’s garments, children photography and mummy manicure. We endeavor to make GG Bond Theme Park into a large fairyland for children with safety and amusement.