GG Bond and Home Craft Advocating “60-minute Companion”

source:WINSING 2016-07-29

On 24th July in Wuhan Han Street Theatre, Winsing Animation, together with Home Craft, hosted a grand conference for releasing the research result of “Children Companion” life style. Hundreds of families joined in this event and proposed 60-minute Companion,advocating parents giving more attention to children.


The conference begins with the flash show of “Children’s Wishes”. It impressed everyone when a crowd of kids rushed in, holding boards of their wishes “Spend More Time With Me”,“Daddy Puts Down The Phone”,“Companion Is the Best Gift”.


Based on the research data from thousands of families and taking kids’ daily activities such as sleeping,studying and playing into account,GG Bond and Home Craft designed a household series and toys for companion especially for kids, like GG Bond storyteller, Phoebe microphone and so on. These toys could bring positive effects such as a sense of righteousness, care and self-confidence to kids.