Winsing’s ‘Kung Fu Pork Choppers’ Nominated For the 27th Asian Television Awards

source:Winsing 2022-11-03

As one of the most highly anticipated GG Bond’s new animated series of Winsing Animation, GG Bond: Kung Fu Pork Choppers has been nominated for the Best 3D Animated Programme at the 27th Asian Television Awards (ATA).


Outstandingly, the production of GG Bond: Kung Fu Pork Choppers applies a next-level technique of animated CGI, brand-new art design and thrilling storytelling. It integrates traditional Chinese Kung-Fu culture and movements into a modern setting. The animation also embraces rich elements of love, friendship, hero, humour and prominent genres of action and adventure. The main storyline follows a team of five young superhero pigs and their super-powered pets, who transform from the cutest creatures into mega-sized fighting machines with ultra-animal attributes. By diving into the fantasy world, the team travels through space and time, keeps the peace and defeats evil.


After receiving promising outcomes from MIPCOM, Winsing Animation strongly participates in three vital online Asian TV and film trade markets (TIFFCOM, SPP and ATF) to introduce its renowned animated titles in parallel with Kung Fu Pork Choppers the ATA-nominated 3D animation.


Winsing has confidently thrown itself into 2022 TIFFCOM (October 25 through 27) in Tokyo and 2022 SPP (October 7 to November 23) in Seoul, bringing established hits of kids-targeted TV animation to mass buyers, which contained line-up of GG Bond: Kung Fu Pork Choppers, Team S.T.E.A.M.!, GOGOBUS, GG Bond: Dino Diary along with the latest animated feature movie GG Bond: Ocean Mission which reached a box office of $4.36 million in mainland China.


During the Halloween weekend, Winsing also proudly premiered the PV of its first original youth-oriented anime Xu Wu Bian Jing (working title: Border of Void). The exquisite animation techniques and concept design draw large attention to this unique project, demonstrating Winsing's ambition to fully develop diversified content on animation, being on the growing track to further expand its markets globally. 


In the upcoming December, Winsing Animation will present more latest animated titles at the 2022 ATF (December 7 to 9) in Singapore.