‘GG Bond: Ocean Mission’ Dive Into the Cinema with GG Bond This Summer

source:WinSing 2022-08-08

Awaited by worldwide Agent G fans, the brand-new GG Bond animated feature film, ‘Ocean Mission’ had its debut in Chinese theaters on August 6th, just in time for the summer break in 2022. 

Being the iconic and well-received flagship IP of Chinese animation firm Winsing, ‘GG Bond’ has now proudly reached its seventh season. In the sixth feature film, GG Bond had his adventure with the dinosaur in Mesozoic Era, up to this time, he performs difficult tasks in the vast sea and conquers his fear with Noah, a lovely yellow angelfish who is devoted to looking for his brother undersea. In addition to the thrilling adventure on screen, the journey also points out important positive energy of persistence, courage, family, and celebration of friendship. As GG Bond says in the film “Only give-up can be deemed as a true failure.”

Ocean Mission.jpg

Notably, the VFX and CG in ‘Ocean Mission’ has boosted one of the most realistic viewing experiences when the audience is engaging with different characters. To reproduce undersea scenery, the production team had done multiple field research trips, in this way to make sure the film transmits accurate marine knowledge to the young audience. 

With a collection of delicate VFX, CG techniques, sound design and interesting storytelling in one, the seventh animated feature film is gaining high popularity this summer.