Ladybug Rolls Out New Series Of GOGO BUS Books In Malaysia

source:WINSING 2022-06-16

Brand-new deals have been signed by Winsing Animation and Malaysia’s well-known publishing company Ladybug to promote one of Winsing’s major IPs, the GoGo BUS, among the Malaysian community. To bring joy, laughter, and edutainment to the kids in Malaysia, different series of books have been rolled out in the Malaysian market.

Ladybug Publishing And Distribution was established in the year 2000. Its products are available in Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Convenient Stores, Toy Shops, Budget Stores, Apparel Stores, Departmental Stores, General Item Stores, Baby Stores, Houseware Stores and many more in Malaysia. At the moment, they are licensee holders for more than 60 cartoon character brands. Now they can proudly add GoGo BUS to their cooperation list.

GOGO BUS integrates Social Emotional Learning(SEL) to help children solve their troubles. It guides children to understand themselves and open their minds. Moreover, it leads children to explore a meaningful life, helps them focus on the task at hand and learn to manage the emotions that are bothering them. It helps to cultivate children’s empathy as well as develop their caring and interpersonal skills to build effective relationships. It also helps children learn about the wider world and explore the wonders of nature with other kids.

Other than Winsing’s top IP GG-Bond, GOGO BUS is another original IP that Winsing has ever licensed for publication in Malaysia since 2020. As a series that provides educational content, the GOGO BUS Cognition Story Books were selected in the list of 2021: influential books of the year by China Children’s Press& Publication Group, granting a milestone to the IP and a progressive honour in the international landscape. In Malaysia, at least 6 series of books were printed which included but were not limited to colouring books, sticker books, activity books, wall charts, board books, flashcards, etc. These products started to go for sale on 1st, Nov 2021 through both online and offline channels. Moreover, the show will keep broadcasting on Astro in the future.