GOGOBUS Debuts in Israel

source:WINSING 2022-01-13

Nominated as the Young Property of the Year in 2020 by LIMA, Winsing popular IP, GOGOBUS series will be launched on major TV stations and VOD platforms in Israel from early 2022. Whats more, the Hebrew YouTube channel will be built in cooperation to share the rich content, which brings a great chance for Winsing Animation to open up the Israel markets on the heels of Russia and Indonesia. At the same time, the toy series will be on shelves in Israel as well, including the action figures, robots and toy cars.


GOGOBUS transforming robot playsets had also achieved a great success in Indonesia last year. In 2022, two new transforming series and 6 in 1 robot will be introduced in Indonesian market in conjunction with the program distribution. In addition, GOGOBUS toys have expanded into e-commerce in the U.S.A.. There have been 5 Skus available on Amazon since October and they all got a great performance in Black Friday and Cyber Monday. At present, GOGOBUS toy series has rolled well widely across 15 countries and regions, including South Korea, Russia, Indonesia, North America, gathering high popularity.


Winsing Animation will present brand-new seasons of GOGOBUS in 2022 and make efforts to build more GOGOBUS YouTube channels in different languages as to set up a multilingual channel matrix, accelerating GOGOBUS to take the new step in global market for both distribution and toys.