GG Bond: Kung Fu Pork Choppers rockets into a new season

source:WinSing 2022-01-07

The latest series of GG Bond, Kung Fu Pork Choppers, produced by Winsing Animation will return for the second season on all leading channels and streaming platforms nationwide on Dec. 30th. Following the outstanding performance and excellent reputation of the first season, the new season will carry over the baton to bring more diverse content. Season 2 is expanding the wonderful adventure with greater KungFu styles and challenging dilemmas in a new world. With the help of USA company Crane Kahn LLC, Kung Fu Pork Choppers will debut in Europe and America in 2022, helping Winsing Animation in showing the charming Chinese traditional culture on the International stage through this amazing series featuring Kung Fu.

What’s more, GOGOBUS Season 8 has been hitting the screens with edutainment in nature since its launch on Nov. 26th . Within only two weeks of its launch, the number of views on the whole network has exceeded 100 million. Its hits is still rising in all major video channel, including mainstream online platforms such as Tencent TV, Mango TV, Youku and IQiyi, and several VOD/OTT platforms. Being swept up in popularity, GOGOBUS Season 8 has won TOP1 in Mango TV’s daily ranking, as well as occupied NO.1 in audience ratings on lots of TV stations. Apart from that, GOGOBUS series is welcomed greatly across the world, including Russia and Indonesia, which also shows its strong potential.


ATF kicked off this month, hot in the international animation deals. Attending in the virtual ATF Online for more than 10 consecutive days, Winsing Animation has interacted with a lot of professional animation companies deeply and further strengthened the connection with existing partners, presenting its fantastic contents and enthusiasm in animation production which brings Winsing Animation various cooperation opportunities, whatever in distribution, licensing or YouTube brand establishment, for growing its presence at international market in all directions in the future.