Winsing Launches GG BOND: Kung Fu Pork Choppers in China It’s time to Kung the Fu

source:管理员 2021-08-30

Winsing Animation launches its 17th season of GG BOND series on  CCTV/Aniworld/Kaku TV/ToonMax and Tencent/IQIYI/YOUKU/Mango etc. all major TV and VOD/OTT platforms across China during the Summer Holiday.

In the terms of ratings, views and popularity, GGBond:Kung Fu Pork Choppers comfortably leads other latest releasing programs from China and abroad. The statistics from Niantong shows that GG BOND:Kung Fu Pork Choppers has been keeping TOP1 audience rating on all major Cartoon channels in China during the whole broadcasting period. GG BOND also achieved a new milestone which hit 200 million views within 5 days; the streaming index reached 947 that surpassed Peppa Pig S8 and ranked No.1 among all new animation works. It’s the first and the only local program exceeds 900 (stream index) during the Summer Break. Such an outstanding performance also brings the best popularity on IQIYI & YouKu .

‘GG Bond’ is a popular Chinese animated series which was created in 2003 by Winsing Animation. This year, it’s coming to the 17th season. Different from the previous seasons, Winsing upgrades the characters designs for the piggies as to give them more global appeal in S17. This season also invited great script writing team from US join. It is co-developed by Winsing and Crane Kahn LLC who will be separately responsible for the localization, distribution as well as L&M business in the APAC&Africa and Euro&US markets. (Crane Kahn LLC, led by industry leader Al Kahn, is known for discovering children’s intellectual properties in international  markets and turning them into global mega hits.)

The new season of GG BOND is called KUNG FU PORK CHOPPERS, it is an upbeat series with the theme of rescue and adventure. The protagonists are those pigs with Chinese Kung Fu and super powers. Accompanied by their pets who come with a unique set of powers. These pets can change their size- much like the Ant-Man. They were called to the floating Sky City to save the universe from every threat.

“I’m sure the kids will love it! Because it is Chinese, obviously. Theres kung fu 

and other forms of martial arts that you will see the pigs master. Apart from making 

 children want to learn kung fu and getting a pet, the show focuses on a lot of themes 

that will be great lessons for children.” Afred Kahn said.

We believe that : when pigs fly, nothing is impossible. It’s time to Kung the Fu...