Diary of Dinosaurs Ready for Korean Debut

source:WinSing 2021-08-17

Winsing Animation’s Diary of Dinosaurs is gearing up to launch across South Korea, including through the CGV, Lotte Cinema and Megabox movie chains.

Following its August 26 theatrical release, the film will be launched on VOD/OTT platforms in South Korea, as well as in Malaysia and Taiwan. More territories will follow later this year.

Additionally, a new distribution agreement is in place that will see Diary of Dinosaurs start its journey in Europe and the U.S. soon.

Park Sang Su, CEO of Boxoo, said: “It’s so happy to start the world screening tour of Diary of Dinosaurs from South Korea, as we know kids love dinosaurs when they are 4- to 6-years-old, especially for little boys, so we will also focus on these targets. Even though the main character is not so famous in Korea, we do believe that kids will enjoy a wonderful adventure journey with the various dinosaurs. And I hope that the kids will get a friendship with their friends after watching this movie.”