Winsing’s New Animated Show is launched on RTV and PCCW’s Now TV

source:咏声动漫 2021-03-30

Recently, Winsing enters the deals with Indonesia RTV and Hongkong PCCW as well as Russia CLS with its animated kids’ shows - Team S.T.E.A.M.! and GOGOBUS.


Team S.T.E.A.M.! is a new TV series created by Winsing in 2020 and released in China in October, 2020. It’s shortlisted in 2019Mipjunior Project Pitch and caught lots of attention from international market. Finally, This new series comes to Indonesia as its first stop to meet the global audiences. It’s premier in RTV on March 15th in Indonesia and coming to Hongkong PCCW’s Now TV from 19th March, which will be updated 2 new episodes on VOD platform every Friday. Soon it will be launched in Malaysia, Brunei, North America etc. In the meanwhile, GOGOBUS season 4 is expected to release in Indonesia soon. Astro is airing GOGOBUS season 3 and enjoying great market feedback!

Team S.T.E.A.M.!.jpg

Moreover, Winsing’s new series of GG Bond: Undersea Journey has released in China on February 19th. In this series, kids can enjoy the wonderful undersea world and learn about the scientific knowledge in undersea environment, which will greatly broaden their horizon. Through the series, the characters make every effort to search various marine creatures and record their ecological materials, which encourage the kids to explore and guide them to set up the appropriate awareness of environmental protection.

With international interest growing and appearances at a number of broadcast and licensing trade shows planned for this year, Winsing expects to be making more broadcast announcements very soon.