The Feature Film - Diary of Dinosaurs Releasing Date is Fixed

source:Winsing 2021-01-25

Diary of Dinosaurs, produced by Winsing Animation, will theatrical release on May 1st, 2021 in China. This 90-min feature film is based on the genre of comedy, adventure and action. It revolves around a family of herbivorous dinosaurs who try to defend their homeland.

Woody, a star agent internship, is travelling from the future to find his senior partner. In such a strange world, he meets Yaya and gets her guidance and help. During this journey, Woody finds that Yaya is the endangered species of dinosaurs. Meanwhile, Yaya and other herbivorous dinosaurs are suffering from the invasion of the carnivorous dinosaurs. Fear, only leads to Yaya and her fellows keep running away from their endless harass. However, Yaya is greatly influenced by Woody’s braveness and finally overcomes her inborn fear and makes a decision - firmly stands her ground just like her father when the carnivorous' invade next time...

With rich experience on IP development and production, Diary of Dinosaurs is the seventh feature film created by Winsing. In the future, Winsing will be committed to creating more and better contents and bring more fun to the audiences at home and abroad.