GG Bond theme song goes viral on Social Media Platforms

source:Winsing 2020-09-23


The themed song of GG Bond -- “GG BOND” / #猪猪侠(in Chinese)which was created and first published by Winsing in 2006. It’s blew up again on all the major social media/VOD platform in China. The chorus and the lyric of the song “ I want pilot a plane, I want MP3, I want ice cream...” goes viral in a million videos of all sorts. This funny and positive music have been very popular in dance videos among the youth and gotten a lot of attentions from being used on such social media as TikTok, NetEase CloudMusic, QQ Music, Bilibili, etc. Many famous artists and influencers got in on the dance trend and continued to share the song.


People cover the old song with new singing way and creative dancing, which explodes people’s screen and gains a lot of likes. To date, there are over 1.25 billion views with more than 74K videos hashtagged with “GG Bond” on Chinese TikTok. And the videos relating “GG Bond Themed Song” also exceeds 12K, which gains over 59 million views. This song climbs up to Top 2 of trending topic on QQ music (which is owned by Tencent), while it comes to Top 3 in Kuwo Music. Its trending is still going viral in many other social media platforms.


Founded in 1986, Winsing started its business from a music & audio studio, which won a great success in 1990s. As time goes, Winsing stepped into animation industry since 2003 and debuted its first animation brand - GG Bond in 2006. In the past 17 years, GG Bond has been produced 16 series TV animations, 3 spin-offs and 5 feature films. Thus, it accompanies many people through their childhood. While the music starts, the memory of their childhood is evoked.

Meanwhile, Winsing Animation operates a business chain including content production and distribution, merchandising and licensing, stage shows, theme park, etc. With the strong capability to develop the original IPs and high annual production volume, Winsing Animation has become one of the most productive and popular 3D animation brands in China.