GOGOBUS - Top Sales in Toys R Us

source:Winsing 2020-09-08

GOGOBUS, an animated kids series based on Social and Emotional Learning(SEL), has been broadcast in prime time on the major TV Stations of South Korea, e.g.: CJ Tooniverse, Animax, Daekyo Childrens TV and Boomerang, which resulted in the excellent performance in TV ratings among similar cartoons. Meanwhile, GOGOBUS YouTube channel is exceeding two million clicks and thousands of subscribers, since April 2020. And it continues to soar now. This edutainment program revolves around an AI school bus that can transform into several different vehicles to protect the children’s safety. To date, 156 * 13-minute episodes have been released in China.


While the series is broadcasting on the TV Stations, the toys of GOGOBUS catch the people’s eyes and jump to “best sales”SKUs of Toys “R” Us in South Korea during this hard time.


Jovian Wu, the Oversea Sales and Marketing Manager of Winsing, says: GOGOBUS, as the high-quality IP of China, will drive to more destinations in the future and pass on the fraternity and mutual-aid value to the kids all over the world.