Winsing enters an deal with Mediacorp upon its Dino Diary

source:Winsing 2020-06-23

Winsing has reached a deal with Singapore Free-to-air Network Mediacorp upon its GG BOND spin-off series GG Bond·Dino Diary. It’s planing to be aired in Singapore in this July. 

Dino Diary is an edutainment program about dinosaur adventure story and popular science knowledge. GG Bond and his fellows Woody went into the lost world and discovered the puzzles behind every fossil. Easily accessible to the kids through a balance of striking images and conversational animation, this amazing Dino Diary will tap into every kid's natural curiosity and learn different kind of dinosaurs.

Dino Diary has been very popular among the kids in China. The total clicks on the VOD platforms have been exceeded 500 million since its first release in 2019. Moreover, Dino Diary season 3 is going to be launched in China on 24th, June.