January 7th , 2017, GG Bond’s fourth feature film GG Bond: Guarding was premiered nationally.

January 13th, 2017, Doby&Disy’s Dreamy Town feature film was premiered nationally.


December, 2016, Doby&Disy: Sing With Us was awarded Highly Commended for Best Preschool Programme in the 2016 Asian TV Awards.

March, 2016, Winsing (stock code:835994) was listed on NEEQ and gained funds amounting to RMB 85,000,000 through two public offering.


December 2015, Winsing initiated Dream Box public welfare roadshows which were co-presented by charitable organizations, cartoon channels, video portals to help children free their imagination.

July 13th, 2015, GG Bond’s third feature film GG Bond: Ultimate Battle was debuted nationally.

May, 2015, Guang Dong Winsing Culture Media Company Limited was changed into Guang Dong Winsing Company Limited with total stock valued at RMB 35,000,000, and briefly called as Winsing Animation.


August, 2014, Winsing was the first Chinese enterprise that won a LIMA prize, and GG Bond was awarded the Best Asian Property of LIMA.

June 1st, 2014, GG Bond’s second feature film GG Bond and the Beanstalk was debuted nationally. The film broke three records that include having 1446 sessions shown in a single day, average 308 audiences in each session and 94.77% attendance.


December, 2013, Winsing was certified as the national key animation enterprise and registered associated companies in Dongguan and Foshan.

June, 2013, a brand-new animation IP Crazy Candies was launched by Winsing and its first TV series was debuted nationally on July 19th.


June 28th, 2012, GG Bond’s first 3D feature film GG Bond: Hatching was released nationally.


December, 2011, the holographic live shows of GG Bond received highly recognition from Guangzhou Bureau of Culture Press Publication, and began the road shows around China.

In this year, Winsing implemented multiple IP development strategy and launched the second original IP Doby&Disy. Doby&Disy’s Exploring Journey first appeared on TV on March. In addition, the animation series won the prize of Best Preschool Programme in 2011 Asian TV Awards.


GG Bond became one of the volunteers in Guangzhou Original Animation Character for Asian Games.

October, 2011, GG Bond, together with Dongguan Daily, held a public welfare activity for students. Oct, 2011, GG Bond, together with Dongguan Daily, held a public welfare activity for students.


Winsing’s animation brand GG Bond and Zhengzhou Daily sponsored orphans in Wenwu School in Dengfeng.


GG Bond held an event with Guangzhou Youth Development Foundation.

GG Bond’s short video was shown on TV in all Guangzhou buses, and it was the first 3D animation shown on an outdoor digital TV.

Winsing created a platform for children to show their talents and skills. The platform utilized the advantage of records industry and explored a brand-new business model.


Guang Dong Winsing Music Company Limited changed its name to Guang Dong Winsing Culture Media Company Limited, briefly called as Winsing Culture. The representative work GG Bond achieved great success, which made Winsing Culture decide to upgrade with transition.

GG Bond was the first cartoon character to be invited as a mascot for public welfare.

GG Bond: Martial Arts on the Olympic first showed on CCTV Children Channel and it was the first 3D animation series released on CCTV in Guangzhou.


GG Bond: Magic Jurassic was awarded the national premium animation, breaking the TV record in Aniworld TV and TVS5.


Winsing created the first 3D animation series GG Bond in China.

Winsing’s brand Golden Leopard received compensation of 500,000 RMB, which was the maximum amount of copyright infringement indemnity case at that time.


Winsing entered into animation industry with production volume beyond 5000 minutes, hence it was selected as the Best Private Enterprise in Film & TV Industry of Canton. Furthermore, the preschool series Casper established business in Southeastern market.

Winsing cooperated with the famous producer Huiyuan Tu to release the first album Love Knot for Silk.


Jinming Gu founded Guang Dong Music Company Limited which was the former company of Winsing Animation.


Jinming Gu, founder of Winsing Animation, entered into entertainment industry and mainly dealt with business of music production and release. He signed famous artists and groups such as Yiting Zhuo, Tingwei Meng, Xuejing Wang. He produced and released hundreds of karaoke discs with brands of Leopard and Comet Alliance, which enabled Winsing to be one of the largest karaoke content providers in China.